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Every year, Usdan offers tuition assistance to families who cannot otherwise afford the cost, as well as merit based scholarships for talented students with financial restraints. Our ability to fulfill this essential aspect of our mission, as well as improve our facilities and assemble the best faculty each summer, depends on the support of generous donors like you.

Your gifts don’t just help students attend camp for one summer

They last a lifetime. Every child who comes to Usdan leaves with newfound perspective and invigorated passion. The legacy of Usdan—our mission of a life lived creatively, diversely, collaboratively, and empathetically—follows them through their every endeavor. We welcome contributions of any size. Even an introduction to a potential donor is a meaningful gift.

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Volunteer at Usdan

We asked one of our most dedicated volunteers, Renee, about what the volunteer experience meant to her, and she said the following: “My children had attended Usdan for years prior to my time serving as a volunteer. It wasn’t until I began volunteering on campus that I got the true Usdan experience and fell in love with it.” 

Volunteers at Usdan welcome guests, give directions, assist with hospitality  backstage in the Amphitheater, and more. Our campus community thrives on the help of our volunteer network. All friends of Usdan, including parents and alumni, are invited to join us on campus as volunteers!  

For more information and to have your name placed on the volunteer list, please email Sofia Notar-Francesco:

Learn more about our Fundraising Efforts

Please email if you have a question or would like to learn more about fundraising at Usdan.