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Faculty & Staff

We believe that the most critical aspect of maintaining the singularity of the Usdan summer experience is the faculty’s incredible work with our students. We seek out those working creative artists and is steeped in Usdan’s core principals of skill, play, community, nature, collaboration, diversity, voice and design. Our expectations for our staff are as high as our belief in every student.

The result: A faculty composed of skilled educators and working creative artists from across disciplines and departments – from visual and performing arts to non-arts faculty including recreation teachers and many administrative staffers.  This team that brings real world experience, an artistic sensibility, and professional connections to campus every day. 

Usdan’s core principles are in practice as an innate part of the camp experience. They come through in every lesson plan, experiment, and performances, and embed themselves in our students’ view of the world year-round. We offer a highly flexible plan of Usdan’s teaching philosophy and strategy in order to maintain the camp’s core creative principles of skill, play, community, nature, collaboration, diversity, voice, and design. 

From leading with inquiry and exploration, cultivating a classroom environment that is fun and engaging; pushing students to explore and reflect on their crafts and the rigorous exploration of new ideas to grow as a teacher and artist. 

Meet our team here.


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