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Our Summer
Creative Writing Program

Creative writing at Usdan takes full advantage of our proximity to New York writers to engage students in the forms of poetry, short fiction, and playwriting.

Creative Writing at Usdan takes full advantage of New York City’s pool of exceptional writers to lead our summer creative writing programs. Our faculty is comprised of accomplished authors who are also experienced in nurturing students in the discipline and art of writing.

Whether their preferred form is poetry, plays, short stories, novels, or non-fiction, our young storytellers get to practice their writing in small, collaborative groups. Working in peaceful, open air writing studios, our writers build imaginative narratives and find their creative voices, while experimenting with the core elements of storytelling like style, structure, setting, point of view, conflict and resolution.  One vital element of our teaching involves encouraging our students to experience empathy, both as an ingredient and a result of their writing practice.  Finally, all writing students gain invaluable editorial experience by shaping and contributing their works to a new installment of Usdan’s literary magazine, Painting with Words.

2020 Majors

Creative Writing; Making Magic & Monsters.

2020 Minors

Creative Writing; Performance Poetry & Podcasting.


2019 Faculty

Creative Writing, Lead Teacher

Javan Howard