Why Work at Usdan?
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Why Work at Usdan?

We are so happy that you are interested in learning more about working with us.

Every summer, we strive to create a safe, welcoming place within which Usdan campers have the freedom to build new friendships, explore nature, develop personal independence, and have fun, alongside their art making. To help create that environment, we look for job candidates who share our values of joy, curiosity, exploration, sustainability, empathy, and respect.

Successful summer camp job candidates for any position are flexible and willing to work in all weather conditions. They are reliable, punctual, respectful, and organized. They can work independently and on a team. They have a “can-do” attitude with the ability to find “yes.” 

Passionate artists and educators make the best Usdan teachers. Successful candidates for teaching positions seek rigorous exploration of ideas, have a willingness to try new things, and welcome feedback. They are adaptable, both in and out of the classroom. They are interested in collaboration with other faculty members within and across disciplines. 

Why work at Usdan?

  1. Usdan was voted one of the Top Long Island Workplaces in 2021 and 2022.
  2. Usdan offers competitive compensation packages that include unique benefits such as the use of available studio space, joining a community of professional artists and educators, attending daily Festival performances that feature professional musicians, dance companies and theater troupes, and more.
  3. Opportunities to enjoy camp include the semi-weekly faculty swim. Plus, Usdan staff can take workshops with faculty in areas like yoga, ceramics, and archery and can grow through professional development. College-aged staff can earn resume-building skills, references, and experience.
  4. The wooded setting provides many staff members a nice respite from their everyday environment. Nature classes take advantage of bird-watching, gardening, and trails through the woods.
  5. What makes Usdan most special, according to current campers and staff, is the people. Working at Usdan, you’ll meet students, artists, and educators who care deeply about their craft and their community. 
  6. Usdan staff have the freedom to create unique opportunities for themselves and the students. The creative spirit that permeates the camp is demonstrated by our Facilities Manager’s personalized golf cart, the painted rocks left by former campers, the outdoor shower created by the Sustainable Design class, and the mini-golf course built by a Sculpture class. 

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