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Usdan Students Get Their Chocolate (Factory) Fix

This summer, students at Usdan had the opportunity to watch and learn from some of the best and brightest on Broadway. 

Most notably, Mat Eisenstein -- a Usdan alum and Assistant Conductor and Keyboard 2 for Broadway's Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – brought two of his "Charlie" cast mates, F. Michael Haynie (Augustus Gloop) and Monette McKay(female ensemble, Understand-Violet Beauregard), for two assembly performances at Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts.

In addition to performing during an assembly, the trio met with students from Usdan's Leadership Institute, followed by a Q & A session with Usdan's Theater Troupe and Junior Cast from this summer's production of Into the Woods.

This visit was also linked to a new class at Usdan: Matinee Idol — a two-week intensive during which students studied and analyzed “Charlie”, and then were able to go watch Mat, Michael and Monette (along with the other cast mates) perform a matinee of the show being performed on Broadway.

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