Through the 50+ years that Usdan has been open, more than 40,000 students have passed through Usdan’s gates, many thanks to need- and talent-based scholarships.  Every year, Usdan gives over $1 million dollars in need- and talent-based scholarships.

No wonder that on Saturday, February 25, longtime and beloved staffer Bobbie Altman was eager to take to the airwaves to share the incredible impact of Usdan and offer information about a special scholarship collaboration between Usdan and the Wyandanch Youth Center.

Bobbie explained, “In 2014, Usdan partnered with the Family Life Center/Wyandanch Youth Center – the afterschool program created a chorus for 1-5 graders… At the end of the school year, the choral director and head of the center choose six children to get scholarships to Usdan for the summer. This is not an opportunity they would otherwise have. We feel we’re changing lives – one at a time.” Bobbie added, “And, we’re so thankful to the Annette and Anthony Albanese Foundation and by Russell and Marilyn Albanese for supporting this program from the beginning. It would not have been possible without them.”

The Saturday morning publicity boon came as a result of Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts supporter Dawn Hedgecock, who championed Usdan for potential funding through the inspiring 100 Women Who Care organization. Dawn threw Usdan’s hat in the proverbial ring at a recent 100 Women meeting, explaining, “It was disconcerting to me…how much funding for the arts has really been cut lately….Usdan provides an opportunity for kids that they may not get anywhere else.”

Click here to listen to the radio show – or visit our support page to learn how you could help provide other children with those once in a lifetime opportunities.