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Recreational Arts

Usdan is deeply committed to inspiring a lifelong appreciation of the arts, a deep connection to our natural environment, and a healthy self.


The Recreational Arts program augments Usdan’s core mission to support campers’ creative development by encouraging physical fitness and an appreciation of the natural world. This comprehensive approach to our children’s creative, spiritual, and physical development makes Usdan unique among camps in our region.  Set in an idyllic woodland forest, our campus spaces are joined together by walking paths and are designed for optimal enjoyment of fresh air and natural light.  Across campus, students can enjoy nature walks, splash in two large outdoor swimming pools, play sports on multiple playing fields, as well as practice yoga and archery.


Each day, students spend a dedicated period enjoying a Recreational Activity of their choice. Each of these activities, with the exception of Recreational Swim, can also be chosen as a Minor.

2020 Recreational Arts classes

Archery; Beginner Tennis; Free Swim & Poolside Games; Gaga & Basketball; Instructional Swim & Poolside Games; Quidditch; Tennis; Yoga.

(Each of these classes can also be selected as a Minor, except for Free Swim.)



2019 Faculty

Gaga and Basketball, Lead Teacher

Karina Aristy

Karina Aristy is a musician and private string instructor. She first began attending Usdan as a student in 2007 and is now counselor in the camp’s Recreation department. She earned her Usdan Lifer Award in 2017 and enjoys helping Usdan students develop lifelong experiences and friendships in a fun and safe recreational environment.

Aquatics, Lead Teacher

Sean Clark

Quidditch, Lead Teacher

Steve Ficurilli

Yoga, Lead Teacher

Edna Gruvman

Edna Gruvman is a dancer, yoga instructor, movement therapist, and proud Usdan alum. For the last decade, Edna has used dance and movement to support children with autism, and taught yoga to young people. Edna danced professionally with contemporary troupes prior to becoming an educator. She is the lead yoga instructor at Usdan.

Aquatics, Director

Gráinne Josaphat

Gráinne Josaphat is Usdan’s Aquatics Director and a multi-sport teacher, coach, and athlete. Passionate about sport, health, and fitness since her youth in Ireland, Gráinne is a full-time Health and Wellness Educator and track coach locally. She competes as a triathlete across the country and internationally.

Tennis, Lead Teacher

David Lake

Archery, Assistant Teacher

Nicholas Coacci

Archery, Lead Teacher

Anthony Romeo

Anthony M. Romeo II is a music educator with nearly 30 years experience and a certified archery instructor. Anthony’s gift for teaching now inspires students daily at Seaford High School, where he serves as Director of Bands. As lead archery instructor at Usdan, Anthony is a USA Archery Level II Instructor and participates in archery societies and programming across New York state

Gaga and Basketball, Assistant Teacher

Alycia Williams

Quidditch, Assistant Teacher

Michael LaMarca

Tennis, Lead Teacher

Tyler Moore