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Our Departments

Welcome to a community of creators and dreamers. At Usdan, there is a Department and Major for everyone. Our goal is to give each camper an opportunity to immerse themselves in new and existing passions with other young artists and to develop their individual creative voice. 

Our Classic program offers instruction by experienced educators and professional artists in seven Departments: Art, Chess, Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Nature & Sustainability, and Theater.

Majors are taught in open-air studios with at least one side exposed to the surrounding woodland campus. The few studios that are not open-air have plenty of windows and doors that will remain open, allowing for good ventilation. 

Students currently in grades 2 through 12 select a Major from the more than 30 offerings. In order to keep our community safe and healthy, students will stay in their assigned group of 15 students maximum for the entire camp day. The day is enriched by a one-period course in our Recreational Arts Department to offer students an opportunity to experience more of Usdan’s 140-acre campus and support their creative development by encouraging movement and play, and to get them inspired by the natural world. 

Students currently in grades K or 1 take part in our fun-filled and exploratory Discovery program.