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Friend Referral Program

Usdan encourages new family referrals and even offers tuition discounts for them.

As the parent or caregiver of a Usdan child, you have intimate knowledge of how Usdan provides a safe and beautiful space for children to find their creative voice. 

If you believe Usdan is a valuable place for children, we hope you will take a few minutes today to think of a child in your life who would thrive at camp and share our program with them.

Looking for some language to share with your friend? Email your request to our Manager of Marketing & Communications at

Why start a U crew?

Your child can spend their summer surrounded by friends.

Did you know that Usdan campers can make friend requests? It's true. After months spent indoors, away from friends and in-person creative spaces, your child can spend a summer surrounded by friends new and old, getting active outside on our wooded campus and creating in our open air studios.

Your friend will receive a tuition discount, and so will you.

When your friend enrolls and enters your name in the "Friend Referral" field, we will give your friend a $100 discount and then deduct $100 from your child's tuition as well.*

Additionally, we will enter both of your names into a U Crew Raffle for a 15% tuition discount. On April 5th we will pull the names and announce our winners!

*Referrals must be new Usdan families.

You will help us grow our community.

Since our founding in 1968, over 40,000 campers have come to our forested campus for an immersive arts experience that fosters friendship and shared enthusiasm among young artists. By passing Usdan on to a friend, you will extend our reach to even more passionate young artists so that we can continue to provide this unique camp experience to children for another 50 years.