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“Every place is the story of its own becoming.”

– The Harrisons


Gardens are about all about change – and this project addresses long-term environmental change.

Eco-art movement pioneers, The Harrisons—a collaborative team originally composed of Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison, and now continued by their son Josh (under the moniker Center for the Force Majeure)—brought their Future Gardens concept to Usdan in 2019.  

Usdan’s Architecture and Sustainable Gardening faculty and students incorporated the concepts and principles of the Future Gardens project to design, gather plants, and cultivate three greenhouses on campus, each with different climate propositions.  The project used the landscape as the control in an experiment which explored the resilience of various plant species.

The program continued The Harrisons’ three- decade-long Future Gardens effort. As in previous incarnations, this Future Garden will act as an educational scientific experiment, work of art, public garden and nursery bed of that prepares for a potentially heat-stressed future environment.

More about Future Gardens here.


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