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Musings | Apr 16, 2021


Young girl named Samantha holding up her comic artwork.

Dear Usdan Community,

Last week, faculty member Larry Jackson introduced us to three of his Usdan Online students: Ashley, Charlie, and Natalie. Today, Usdan Online faculty member and Curriculum Specialist Hawley Hussey, shares with us the impressive creativity of one of her Comic Art students, Samantha.

Next week, I invite you to enjoy a dose of youth creativity live. From April 19 and through April 22, step into the online studios with me for our Winter/Spring Session celebrations, aka Usdan Happy Hours.

If you are inspired by Samantha, I hope you will join me on April 19, 20, 21, and/or 22. You can RSVP by clicking the button below.

Take care,

Lauren Brandt Schloss, Executive Director

Samantha's Artwork

Words by Hawley Hussey
Artwork by Samantha Mazurek & Hawley Hussey


Usdan Online is a very special place where one meets young artists like Samantha.

One day, Sam and I were chatting about our class, which meets weekly after school. I asked her: “Why do you think it's so awesome? Why do you show up a bit early every Monday?” As she always does, Sam took a long thoughtful pause, and finally said: “We are like a little family. Everyone is so different, and everyone’s work is so different, and we all really support each other.”

Although Samantha is a young artist, she digs into each project like an artist who has been working for many years. Samantha works it until she decides the work is finished. Every time a classmate shows work in progress, Sam has something supportive to say.

When Sam shows a finished work, everyone takes notice. They'll say: "Hey! That’s what she is doing below frame!"


By Samantha Mazurek

In “Future Floating Desk,” Sam imagined something from the future that is both functional and fun. The cup that fills with french fries is my favorite because her creative and logical brain led her to say: “When the fries get cold, they turn into pencils!”


By Samantha Mazurek

This one-page comic inspired us all. The effort made to make the fox look as though it is in motion is magical. Every single frame is so varied and each is a careful and powerful design. The beautiful balanced graphic design, bright color choice, and simple ending of "Just Great" is so well done. I especially love the bottom frame because it looks like Sam's head in the Zoom frame. 


By Samantha Mazurek

This is an example of a beautifully finished work Sam did outside of class and then shared with us. It is astonishing to meet someone so young who makes thoughtful and finished pieces in many art mediums. 


By Hawley Hussey

When we first worked together, I drew a portrait of Sam, showing just the top of her head, while placing her underwater. I chose the water because Sam is known for placing her camera in such a way that one can only view the top of her head. Sam loves ideas, mulls them over, and if an idea hits her, she will share the idea in the chat, or we see her suddenly rise up into the frame, laughing.