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Musings | Apr 2, 2021


Budding branches in front of a light blue sky.

Dear Usdan Community,

I hope many of you are enjoying spring breaks and meaningful holidays. Next week, I look forward to again sharing the creative voice of a young Usdan artist. 

This week, the convergence of Easter, Passover, and Spring make clear that it is a time of renewal. The Usdan campus is coming alive with little buds opening all over the woods. Above and below, I have included some photos. These late March and early April days are my favorite ones of the year because they are so dynamic as we swing from cold to hot and back to cold again; bare blue skies serve as a backdrop to an ever-changing landscape of branches and birdsong.

If you too have photographed emerging signs of spring, I invite you to reply and share your pictures.

Take care,

Lauren Brandt Schloss, Executive Director