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Musings | Apr 9, 2021

Ashley, Charlie, and Natalie

Closeup of child's hand painting an orange dragon on canvas.

Dear Usdan Community,

For weeks, we have been spotlighting youth creativity in these musings, and today, I am delighted to invite you to enjoy a dose of it live. Starting on April 19 and through April 22, step into the online studios with me for our Winter/Spring semester wrap-ups, aka Usdan Happy Hours.

Below, Larry Jackson who teaches “Your Story in 2D” offers you a sneak peek into three of his students: Ashley, Charlie, and Natalie.

Get inspired by Ashley, Charlie, and Natalie, and I hope you will join me on April 19, 20, 21, and/or 22. You can RSVP by clicking the button below.


Lauren Brandt Schloss, Executive Director

The Young Artists of "Your Story in 2D"

Words by Larry Jackson

Ashley is exploring her interest in picture making but has also shown a great deal of growth in her graphic side. I have been giving assignments that freely let her create from that vantage point when available. I can see how she’s learning to bridge the gap between illustrative solutions and graphic solutions. The fun part is to watch how she develops even more now that she has an iPad. 

Charlie is very interested in working solely with the graphite pencil as her art medium. She’s been making drawings that adhere to the assignment while stretching out her craft without color. 

Natalie is a watercolorist. She works only in watercolor and it is always large. She also has a great handle on committing to her image. I love looking up at the screen and just seeing her movement and focusing on broad swaths of paper real estate. She usually finishes a piece per class and I’ve been impressed with watching her growth over the weeks.