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Alumni/Staff Spotlight | May 24, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Marie E. Saint-Cyr

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Marie E. Saint-Cyr is a Visual Artist, Muralist, and the Founder & CEO of Saint-Cyr Art Studio, a full-service mural agency. In 2018, Marie graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied Studio Art at the Lorenzo De Medici in Florence, Italy. In just 3 years Marie was awarded a one-year residency with the Haiti Cultural Exchange, an art and business fellowship with the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, started her 1 million dollar mural company, participated in 11+ Business development programs such as Goldman Sachs and Tuck school of business; all while creating employment opportunities for artists and engaging communities in the mural making process. When she is not painting or running her business, Marie can be found traveling the world and trying out new foods!@mariesaintcyr_ @saintcyrartstudio_


Marie's Usdan Experience

What was your favorite class or Usdan activity?

My favorite class was definitely painting! Before arriving at USDAN I mainly only did drawings and wasn't introduced that much to the variety of paint mediums. I remember one of the first projects I worked on at USDAN was a monochrome oil painting, inspired by Picasso's blue period. I fell in love with oil painting at USDAN and to this day I only do my personal paintings with oil paint.

What is your favorite Usdan memory?

My favorite USDAN memory was recreation time, when I got time to swim in the swimming pools. I made a lot of new friends during that time and it was always a great way to mentally rejuvenate. It also was a great way to interact with other students that were not in my class, and it enabled me to come out of my shell.

How did your experience as a Usdan student prepare you to contribute creatively to your community?

My experience at USDAN introduced me to a variety of new art forms, mainly through the daily performances. I gained new appreciation for the other art forms and the arts overall. One of my goals is to be able to give back to the arts community in the future, as I know how greatly the arts impacted me at a young age.

Thank U for sharing your story, Marie!