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50th Anniversary
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That children of diverse races, religions, and talents united in a harmonious pursuit of their interest with an intensity and devotion amazed all of us. The spirit of joyousness that prevailed was a source of wonderment, and one questions, “Can it ever happen again?”

— Andrew McKinley, Usdan’s first Executive Director, in his first Director’s Report (1968)




It’s all about U. Usdan is a community of makers and dreamers. It’s a place that calls to the artist in everyone. Each summer since 1968, thousands of students, aged 4 to 18, from communities across Long Island, New York City, and beyond have found inspiration from each other and nature on Usdan's woodland campus.



Whether it has been a single year or 49 since you created art at camp, we look forward to seeing you again.

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    Usdan campers create bonds that last a lifetime. The Friendship Forest celebrates these relationships. To commemorate your friendship on a Friendship Forest plaque, please make a $100 donation, and list your name and the name of your friend(s) as you would like them displayed. Friendship Forest plaques will be permanently displayed on trees along Usdan’s woodland paths.

My colleagues and I can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Lauren Brandt Schloss
Executive Director

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