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Last updated: November 17, 2020

Usdan is planning for an in-person 2021 summer.

Our sleeping campus will awaken once more with creativity and laughter. We can’t wait. 

Scenario planning, the roll-out of in-person learning in schools, plus guidance from the American Camp Association, CDC, and Suffolk County Health Department will guide our decision-making throughout the year. 

We continue to educate ourselves on the successes of camps that operated last summer. We have learned that at this time the use of four non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) is paramount to keeping our community healthy: 

  • wearing masks
  • hand washing
  • physical distancing
  • doing as much as possible outside

Until we hear otherwise, we will be incorporating the recommended use of NPIs as we plan for a physical distance camp that will operate at approximately 50% capacity. We know that the guidance is variable and that our learning process will be ongoing. As new information is released and we move closer to Summer 2021, we will amend our health and safety protocol if necessary.  

Community Updates 

From now until the last child leaves campus in August 2021, we remain committed to being open about our planning and decision-making process. 

Enrollment Update

With half our usual number of spots available, we encourage you to enroll your child as soon as possible
to ensure they have the chance to experience Usdan next summer.

SeeUSoon Enrollment (2020 Camp Families only):

  • December 14 - December 20, 2020

Priority Enrollment:

  • December 21, 2020 - January 31, 2021

SeeUSoon and Priority Enrollment offer the below perks:

  • Secure your spot: Usdan is planning to run at 50% capacity this summer, which means we will likely need to turn students away. By registering early, you are securing your child’s spot for our 2021 season. 
  • Get first pick of classes: In a normal summer, some classes fill up in January and may begin filling even earlier this year with our reduced capacity. Select your child’s top choice Major before it fills. 
  • Priority enrollment: Receive $100 off tuition per child.
  • Cancel without consequence: We want to make the decision of camp as easy and risk free as possible. For this reason, there is no deadline to withdraw at this time, which means you can cancel your child's enrollment at any point and receive all of your money back. We will reassess this policy as summer gets closer and update you with any changes.



Upcoming Community Events

You can see all of our upcoming events on our Calendar.



Since May, 2020, Usdan's Executive Director, Lauren Brandt Schloss, has shared weekly thought pieces, or "musings", with the community. 

#1 Lauren's Musing

#2 Focus on the Love

#3 Dinner

#4 Dare we?

#5 Earth Week Musing Part I: Our Children's Crisis

#6 Earth Week Musing Part II: Our Children's Crisis

#7 A Safe Space to Create

#8 Time

#9 Zoom Shiva

#10 Time to Play

#11 Black Lives Matter

#12 Protest Art

#13 Marking the Transition

#14 The Spring that Disrupted the Future

#15 Can Art Education Change the World?

#16 Emerging with Wings

#17 Waking Up the Senses

#18 A Year Ago

#19 In Dialogue with Your School Leaders

#20 What Mile is This?

#21 Lessons Learned this Summer

#22 Thank You, Sir Ken

#23 Looking with Curiosity

#24 Was there a real companionship with our children?

#25 The Future is Now

#26 The Place We Wish the World Could Be

#27 "Ch-ch-ch-ch changes"

#28 Are You Free?

#29 Ambiguity

#30 Community



Inspiring U is a collection of creative content and resources to help our community stay creatively engaged. The collection brings together all the things we love about a Usdan summer: the arts, nature, friendship, and live performance, to help us find joy, and to further our mission.

We've included borrowed, original, and archival content covering Usdan's departments of Art, Chess, Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Nature & Sustainability, and Theater.



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