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Community Portal Instructions

Important Note as of June 13, 2022


If you would like to inquire, please email with:

  • Child's name and grade ('21-'22 school year)
  • Address
  • Preferred bus stop (They can be found here:
  • Preferred session (4-week A, 4-week B, 8-week, or weeks of Recreational Camp)
  • Preferred Major, Minor, and Recreational Activity

We will let you know where there is availability and give you the green light to enroll. Again, DO NOT enroll before speaking with us as we cannot guarantee placement. Thank U.

Welcome to Usdan's Community Portal.

In order to enroll your child efficiently, we encourage you to read and follow the below step-by-step directions. Please note that the following applies to our Summer Season as well as our School-Year Programs. There are some steps that apply only to our Summer Season that are noted as such.

The Usdan staff is here to help

If you are seeing an error on the login page:

  • Email with the subject "Portal Login Error".
    • Include your preferred email address and your birthday in the email body.
  • Call 631-643-7900, select 2 for “enrollment”. 

For all other enrollment issues:

  • Email with the nature of your issue in the subject line.
  • Call 631-643-7900, select 2 for “enrollment”.


Setup Account & Enroll

Before enrolling, visit our website with your child to determine which classes they would like to register for.

  • Online courses can be found HERE.
  • Summer classes can be found HERE

We highly recommend that you complete the following steps on a computer and not on a phone. 

Step 1: Create an account or Login

If this is your first time on the Community Portal, you need to create an account. If you already have an account, simply login with your username and password.

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Create Account”
  3. Complete the form in full with your information, not your child’s information
  4. Click “Submit”

Step 2: Confirm your account

If you already have an account, simply login with your username and password.

  1. Check your email, there should be an email in your inbox titled “Welcome to Usdan”
  2. Click the link in the email
  3. Change your password

You’re in!

Step 3: Add to/edit “My Household”

  1. On the right hand side of your screen you will see “My Household” 
  2. Click the icon with the "+" symbol to add any missing children that you plan to enroll in camp
  3. Click the same icon to add any other adult primary contacts (e.g. your partner or a grandparent your child might be staying with this summer).

Once you’ve added all children and family members...

Step 4: Add your child's session to your cart

  1. Click the green “Enroll” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen
  2. On the left pane, under “Categories” select the season your child is enrolling in. 
    • School-Year Programming
    • Summer Camp 2022
  3. Your selection will populate in the center pane
  4. Select the arrow to the left of the options to see more.
  5. Click the “Enroll” button
  6. Select the child(ren) you are enrolling in this session (you can select multiple at a time)
  7. Click “Save”
  8. A window will appear prompting you to “Please select the add-ons”, including door-to-door busing (per family) and/or aftercare (per child)
  9. Click “Save”

You should see the item added to your cart in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Congratulations, you have successfully added a session to your cart!

Once you have added your desired session length to your cart...

Step 5: Complete questions, including class requests

  1. Click the "Next" button in the upper right corner of your screen
  2. Answer the questions. Please note the questions with red asterisks are required.  
  3. If you are enrolling in the summer session, be sure to choose your child's requested classes for the session they are attending. If your child is attending our 8-week session, make sure they are requesting classes for both the 4-week A and 4-week B sessions. and your child is a 6th grader
  4. Continue through the questions until you've completed in full
  5. If you are enrolling multiple children, select the next child's name above the questions
  6. Complete questions for the next child
  7. Repeat until all questions are answered for each child you are enrolling

Step 6: Sign waivers

  1. Click “Next” at top right corner of your screen
  2. Sign waivers by clicking the "Sign" button

Step 7: Review your summary and enter promo codes

  1. Click "Next" at the top right corner of your screen
  2. At this time, the upper right corner cart icon will reflect your current payment due
  3. Click on the cart icon
  4. Enter a promo code if you have one and click "Apply Code"
    • Scholarship families should enter their personal code here at this time

Step 8: Pay deposit and add future payment method

Important note: When you are adding your payment method, be sure to use the two digital abbreviations for state and country: change “country code” to “US”; change “state code” to “NY”.

  1. Click "Select Your Payment Method"
  2. Under the first section titled “Due Now”, click the “Make Payment” button
  3. Complete the form in full
  4. Click “Save”
  5. Note: If you use a credit card as your method of payment, you will be charged a convenience fee of 3% that is nonrefundable.
  6. For summer season only: 
    1. Under the second section titled “Future Due”
    2. All users: Click “Setup Payment Method” to add the payment method you'd like us to use for your future payments. The payments will be scheduled for the 1st of the month, January through April 2022. 
    3. If you want to pay some or all future scheduled payments now: Click “Pay Future Due” and add the months you would like to pay for
  7. There will be an option to print or email a receipt to yourself and we recommend you email a receipt to yourself at this time

If you have any questions or want to change your payment plan, complete the enrollment and then email with your request. 

Congratulations, you have enrolled your child!


Scheduled Tuition Payments - Summer Season Only

If you have any questions or requests regarding tuition payments, or if you would like to pay by check, please email We look forward to speaking with you.  

​Step 1

  1. Login to the Community Portal to confirm that you have the correct stored account added for the upcoming billing date.

Step 2

  1. If you have not yet added a stored account, please do so by clicking the "+ New Stored Account" button. 
  2. If you would like to edit or replace your stored account, click on the pencil icon. Please do not add a new stored account as that will create issues when we are billing. 
  3. If you would like to send a check, you may send it to the following address and email 185 Colonial Springs Road, Wheatley Heights, NY, 11798.
  4. Note: If you use a credit card as your method of payment, you will be charged a convenience fee of 3% that is nonrefundable.

Step 3

  1. Review how much you will be charged on the upcoming billing date. You can do so under "Future Payments" in the green box titled "Next Payment".

Step 4

  1. If you have a credit rolled over from 2021 camp, please note that you will still see an amount in the green box titled "Next Payment". Rest assured, you will only be charged once your credits are depleted. If you would like to see how much you have remaining in credit, simply click the money bag icon under your account details.