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We have been working to reimagine and realize the future of the Usdan campus. Today, both the need and opportunity to reimagine the future of Usdan are greater than ever. 

In May, due to the global pandemic, we announced the extremely difficult decision not to open the Usdan campus for the summer 2020 season. Though saddened, we quickly pivoted to online courses, and have been able to focus more attention to the much-needed facility repair and upgrades.

The Reimagine Fund was launched following the 2018 camp season, when we experienced a series of electrical failures, culminating on August 14 with a fire during severe weather. The fire claimed two historic Art studios, shut down 75% of our electrical infrastructure, and caused damage throughout the Art Department. With gifts from a community of 416 contributors, we have: developed a team of partners and contractors, finished assessments, and established a long-term plan that identifies our greatest priorities along with their cost. We are starting work on many of the most critical repairs and upgrades. Though we are making important progress, there is still much work to be done.

On the day of the two-year anniversary of the fire, Lauren Brandt Schloss, Usdan’s Executive Director made the video tour below. The video highlights our progress in six areas of campus, if you prefer to just watch a particular section please use these timestamps:

Art Restrooms (1:24)

Art Gallery (2:56)

Electrical Infrastructure (3:41)

Lemberg Theater (4:33)

Pool Pumps (5:45)

Dance Roofs (6:41)

Thank you (7:53)

Thank you to our supporters for understanding how addressing critical infrastructure needs keeps youth creativity alive in the region and makes it possible for Usdan to continue to achieve our mission: to instill in young people the desire and drive to creatively contribute to the world now and for the rest of their lives.

Special Thanks to UJA-Federation of New York and specifically to their Building Repair Fund.


Reimagine Fund Donors as of October 2, 2020.

Louise and Martin Abrams
Jessica Alazraki
Marilyn A. and Russell C. Albanese
Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros
Barbara and Fred Altman
Cheryl and Randolph Altschuler
Horace & Amy Hagedorn Fund of LICF
Kathleen Crane Viola and Michael Viola
Victoria Anzalone
Lani and Manny Azenberg
Benji Baer
Paul Baer
Katherine Barbero
Susan Kwan and Joseph Bargellini
Karin and Douglas Barnaby
Kerry Barnhart
Sharon Batkin
Barbra and Jon Batterman
Glen Beck
Amy Beecher
Eileen Benedict
Sharon Diskin and Keith Berger
Olga Berwid
Marjorie Bhavnani
Savitha Reddy and Raoul Bhavnani
Lauren Biazzo
Maureen and David Bies
Jennifer and Matthew Birnbaum
Renee Birnbaum
Eric Blatt
Barbara and James Block
Jacqueline and Joseph Bloom
Michael Blutman
Joanne H. Borts
Marianna and Anthony Bracco
Jean Brand
Christa Braunreuther
Amanda Fugazy and Scott Brennan
Lauran Bromley
Jamie and Ben Buchwald
Jennifer and Andrew Cahn
Francis Faulkner, Capital One
Mary and Tom Caraccioli
Eugene Carr
Mark Chase
Denise Olaya-Trochez and Juan Chavez
Jessica Wong and James Chen
Cody Cheng
Marlynn Chetkof
Michell and Joe Chinea
Megan Chusid
Diana Cioffi
Dawn and Ryan Cleary
Jarrett Cohen
Lillian and Joel Cohen
Andie Cohn
Penny Collender Kapilian
Daniel Conte
Meryl and Christopher Cooper
Caryn and Mark Cortegiano
James Crichton
Roberta A. and Robert Dalpiaz
Susan Damin
Michael Davidson
Kelli Day
Cathy De La Cruz
Alex Della Ratta
Sandra and Anthony Della Ratta
Tahir Demircioglu
Nori and Wayne Dempsey
Cristalina DeNicola
Carol DeSantis
Daniela DeStefano
Frederick Diekmann
Kristy Dinnegan
Alexis and Phillip DiResta
Jack Docil
Lorna Dolci
Carol and David Dolgon
Lisa Drance
Kathleen Drohan
Pierre Dufanal
Nancy Duncan
Susan and Peter Dutton
Holly Eardley
Motaz Elzalata
Jodie Embleton
Estee Lauder Inc.
Estreich & Company Inc.
Nancy Fadem
Diane and Joseph Fallacaro
Geradine Finazzo
Susan and Douglas Firestone
Nell Flanders
Erika Floreska
Nigel Floreska
Sharon Florin
Jiang Ou and Chuen Fong Ngan
Diana and Jose Luis Foronda
Ben Freedman
Debra Freeman
Sandi Freinberg
Marcia Friedman
Nancy Schneider and Hercules Gak
Rosanne Gangi-Gaertner
Jennifer Garces
Laura Granelli and Eric Gerde
Deborah and Eric Gewirtz
Allison Brandt and Michael Giesler
Taryn Gisbert
Spencer Glass
Andrew Gold
Samantha Gold
Jeff Goldberg
Kerry Gillick-Goldberg and Joe Goldberg
Lisa Goldman
Carolyn Katz and Michael Goldstein
Stephanie Goldstone
Martha and James Graves
Heather Greco
Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, LLP
Kateline Gresseau
Lisa and Jeff Grossman
Korry and Timothy Groves
Jillian Greenberg and Lou Gruber
Louis Gruber
Melissa Hale Woodman
Alexandra Han
Wendy and Howard Handler
Elizabeth and Charles Hart
Helene Heller
Cameron Hellerman
Jessica Henig
Janna Herndon
John Hicks
Olivia Hisiger
Jeffrey Hoffman
Karen Hopkins
Marion and Mark Howard
Marcia and Stuart Hruska
Samuel Hu
Jordan Hue
Huntington Coach Corp.
Heather Huston
Sheree and James Incorvaia
Susan and Jed Isaacs
Lawrence Isaacson
Angela Jaggar
Sally Jamieson
Tom Jamieson
Ron Janssen
Abbe and Jeff Joseph
Judy & Warren Tenney Foundation
Amy Blumenfeld-Kamensky and Daniel Kamensky
Andrea Kantor
Marcy and Abe Kaplan
Nancy Karan
Joan Monaco and Michael Karellas
Courtney Kassinger
Lawrence Katz
Toby Weisman-Kaye and Howard Kaye
Katherine Keegan
Sharon Maier-Kennelly and Patrick Kennelly
Sherry Kfare
Mark and Stacy King
Catherine McCauley and Charles Kirby
Catherine and Michael Kitakis
Emilia Klampfer
Janice Klein
Susan Klein
Nathan Koch
Andrew and Holly Koenig
Elizabeth Konecky
Lisa and Scott Koppel
Jodi Kossin
Sarah Rosenbaum-Kranson and Donny Kranson
Paula and Rob Krulak
Nicolas Kugel
Nancy and Alan Kupferman
Mark Labadorf
Jonathan Labozzetta
Lauren Lamonsoff
Sami Groff and David Laniado
Derek Lap
Esther Gabara and Pedro Lasch
Yolanda Lebron
Carol and Jemma Lee
Kyra Leeds
Natalie Jakowlew and Jordan Leeds
Nina Leeds
Karen and Andrew Lehman DiMartino
Marilyn and Peter Lehman
Susan and Barry Lehr
Lemberg Foundation
Raysa-Marie Lemelle
Rhonda Leschack
Carolyn Popadin and Gary Lesniak
Rachael Goldwyn and Alan Levenson, M.D.
Lucia Swanson and Theodore A Levine
Debra and Dale Lewis
Chloe and Hunter Liang
Judy Liang
Michael Lionti
Ross Lipsky
Daniel Lisk
Daniel Liss
Jessica Liss
Long Island Community Fund Arts Reach Fund
Karen Yan and Jeffrey Low
Michele Lowe
David Lumerman
Susan and Patrick Lyons
Debra Maizus
Julie Mann
Jill Marcus
Rita Marderstein
Wendy Mark
Tova and Stuart Markowitz
Linda Sue Masia
Valerie Makarick and Shawn Masia
Sima Matthes
Gianna Mccarthy
Muzette McIntosh
Caroline McIntyre
Pamela Miller
Paul Mitchell
Jennifer and Walter Mrakovcic
Stephen Nachamie
Jeanine and Kageki Nagao
Andrew Navarette
Barbara and David Navarette
Jamie Ullman and Mark Nearenberg
New York Community Bank Foundation
Ka-Ki Kathy Ngo
Saroya Nicholson
Jaden Nogee
Nancy and Vincent Notar-Francesco
Nancy and Morris Offit
Lois and Samuel Olshan
Tom Lyle Ostrow
Susan Panetta
Paris Pappas
Bronwen Pardes
Marley Parmely
Janet and Amir Parsa
Annie Pasqua
Iris and Ron Peskin
Paul Feldsher and Gary Petersen
Josephine Ubilla and Michael Pettica
Jamie Pillet
Sadie Pincus
Pioneer Transportation Corp.
Sheila Platt
Amy and Scott Podolsky
Tracy and Marc Porosoff
Beth Posner
Megan and James Powers
Pritchard Charitable Trust
Vivian Pun
Lafiya Watson Ramirez and Elliott Ramirez
Dennis Rapport
Sarah Vezina and Evan Rapport
Jessica Shevitz Rauch and Jeremy Rauch
Rauch Foundation
Susan and Anthony Recine
Jordan Rees
Megan Reilly
Maggie Ress
Manuela and Andrew Ricci
Geri Richter
Arleen Rivera
Jennifer Rizzo
Laurice Roberts
Lisa and Carey Robertson
Kelly Rose
Sarah Rosen
Sam Rosenblatt
Lesley and Ted Rosenthal
Georgeanne and Jean Rousseau
Helene and Richard Rubin
Robyn Tarnofsky and Antony Ryan
Carrie Salmon
Allen B. Saltzman
Ruth and Arthur Schaeffler
Jennifer Still and Len Schiff
Caryn Lilling Schiffman and Stuart Schiffman
Stella Shepherd and Joseph Schinco
Lauren Brandt Schloss and Jonathan Schloss
Marcy Schneck
Jack Schnirman
Jeffrey A. Schoenfeld
Raymonde and Steven Schopp
Sophia Schrager
Mike Schwendemann
Erin Scott
Zoe and Lee Seelig
Lisa and Michael Shackman
Sarah and Steven Shaiman
Stefanie Shames
Lillian Jagendorf and Dan Shannon
Frayda and Offer Sharaby
Sari and Evan Sharaby-Swartz
Ann Shea
Katherine Sher
Dawn Shields
Nancy Silver
Derek Simon
Simon & Eve Colin Foundation
Lindsay Smilow
Carol and Steve Sokol
Katherine Spahn
Hilary Sperber
Ruthie Pincus, Stage the Change
Meredith Starr
Max Stein
Anna and Louis Strenta
Scott Stuart
Francine and Salvatore Sturiale
Suffolk Transportation Services, Inc.
Anton Swensen, Jr.
Clay and Thomas Tarica
Chaeri and Dylan Tornay
Judith Miller and Allan Tulchin
Ingrid Tully
Gina and Brian Turner
Stephanie Turner
Twin County Swimming Pool Maintenance & Supply Co., Inc.
Urban Projects Collaborative Team
Teresa Valentin
Sarah Valle
Mitchell Wagner
Tyriek Walker-McCall
Tom Wallace
Robert Ward
Sarah and Adam Wartski
Susan Weber
Emma Weiner
Stephanie Kaplan and Adam Weiner
Helene Weintraub
Jodi Weiser
Larry Weiss - ACG Telecom
Wendy Weiss
Sheryl and David Wiener
Kevin Wiland
Rebecca Wilchins
Debra Wimpfheimer
Debra Wise
Olivia Wise
Sherrie Wohl
David Wotman
Rebecca and Daniel Wotman
Rick Wright
Camille and Steven Wrynn
Hsiaoyen Ching and Jui Yen
Nicole Yentzer
Sarah and Changpae Yu
Dr. Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka, MD