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Bus transportation to and from Usdan is required for all students and is included in the tuition.  The daily journey is a chance for campers to nurture diverse friendships and foster camaraderie, serving as happy bookends to each day.

All buses have seat belts and air-conditioning. 

Please note: If a child requires more than one bus (for example, if they need to be picked up from two different homes on two different bus routes), there will be a surcharge.

Families from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, and the Bronx:

Conveniently located stops in each region are determined by enrollment. To inquire about possible stops, please email

Families From Queens:

Students from these areas may have central pick ups in order to shorten the ride time for students. These pick up points will be nearby and convenient for our families.

Families from Long Island:

Students from these areas who are enrolled in a 4-week or 7-week program have door to door transportation.  

Please note: Transportation for Usdan will only go as far east as the William Floyd Parkway.  Students who live east of that will need to meet the bus at a central pickup location near the Parkway.

For those enrolled in a 3-week program, a central pickup location is offered within about 5 minutes from their home.

If you have questions about our summer camp transportation, please contact us at 631-643-7900 or

Unfortunately, we are unable to take friend requests for buses. However, If you would like to your child to ride the bus with a friend, you may have both families picked up at one location. Please let us know if you would like to do that by including it in the bus notes and setting your bus pick up address accordingly.

Please note the length of ride varies based on the route and distance from camp. While we try to ensure the quickest ride possible, from some locations it may be 90 minutes or more.