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Melanie Jackson

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Melanie is the Comic Art Instructor for Seniors at Usdan. Known for introducing Usdan, Comic
Con, this is her 10 th year at Usdan. Melanie attended Usdan as a sculpture Major from 1999-2003.
Melanie is big into quantitative data! Her 2015 research study, B.A.T.M.A.N ( Benefits and Academics
through Making and Narrating Comics) saw the positive correlation between reading fluency/vocabulary
and reading graphic novels. A long time educator, Melanie holds New York State Teaching certification
in Visual Arts, Special Education pre-K-6 th , General Education pre-k-6 th , as well as certification in School
Building Leader and School District Leader. Melanie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Study and a
Master’s in Education Administration and Leadership. She’s currently in the St. John’s Education
Instructional Leadership Doctoral Program where she is researching the best practices of Social
Emotional Learning in order to effectively design and implement into the New York Public School
Curriculum. Melanie has an extensive background of work in education and social justice that includes:
Educational Curriculum Coordinator,Special Education Teacher and Art Instructor at the Nassau County
Juvenile Detention Center 2015-2019, Brentwood Special Education Teacher 2019-present, Mindful
meditation facilitator at Oak Park Elementary, Art Instructor at Usdan Art’s Camp, and Guidance
Counselor at Central Nassau Guidance. Through education her philosophy is “if the child’s is not socially
and emotionally present, than academic work can’t be done”. In 2018, her progressive research best
and effective practices effectively helped decrease the amount of juvenile detention violent outbreaks
as well as helped students retained attention in the classroom setting through instruction in: restorative
practices, mindfulness, and yoga. In 2019, Melanie joined the Brentwood School district where she
currently is a special education teacher for students with emotional disabilities. Melanie’s Social
Emotional Learning furthers with Project Presence and Kids at Hope. Her lifelong mission is to educate
the importance of putting the student’s mental health and well-being first. Her hobbies include:
collecting Comics, Art, Hiking, Yoga, and hanging with her dog Butter.



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