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Thank you for your interest in the Usdan Leadership Institute for the Arts. Applications for the 2018 season will be available in the Fall. The information below may be subject to change for the 2018 season.

Our summer
leadership program

Usdan Leadership Institute for the Arts
(Grades 9-12, 7-week program)

Tailored for Usdan's most senior students, our new leadership development program is designed to cultivate thoughtful, independent young artists and the next generation of leaders in the arts. This program is open to High School students in all majors.  Their day consists of a major, a minor, daily assemblies by student and professional artists, an Institute period and a job assignment.* The Institute period will include leadership training, sessions with visiting artists, freedom to work on individual and group projects, opportunities for community service including supervised teaching and for high school juniors, portfolio development. Members gain valuable work experience serving as guides and role models for younger students and assisting in camp programs, operations, and performances.

Applicants will be selected based on their leadership potential. All accepted students will receive stipends varying in size based on their job assignment.** Students pay tuition and may also apply for a merit award to be applied towards it. Merit awards will be awarded to those demonstrating a high level of artistic experience in their discipline. Awards will range in size. The majority of awards will be partial and this summer we will have a limited number of full awards available.

*The positions formerly called Music Staff Intern, Art Staff Interns and Counselors-In-Training are now offered through this leadership program. Dance Ensemble applicants will be contacted about their schedule.

**Job and Stipend Structure: Stipends will vary depending on age and job offered. Stipend details will be available in November 2017.  Jobs are before and after classes, during assembly and lunch. They may require you to miss a few minutes of class.


  • Program assistance and training
  • Must have completed 9th grade and be 14 years old by the start of camp


  • Supervisory (such as monitoring younger students at lunch or assembly)
  • Counselor (escorting a group of 2nd and 3rd grade students during transitions)
  • Bus monitors receive an additional payment
  • Must have completed 10th grade and be 16 years old by the start of camp